Why Intellect?

Intellect America offers the latest in high-performance Lipo battery technology. Our products are exclusively designed for R/C professional racers and drone racing pilots in the US market.

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Intellect battery is the leading battery manufacturer of GRAPHENE technology in the lithium battery for superior performance.

Intellect quality vs. Others

One of the major advantages of Intellect battery is that we adopt HCS (a Hybrid cell structure (Stacking + Winding)), while all others are using SCS (Stacking cell structure).

The net result, with our unique cell design, the battery resistance would not deteriorate as quick as other known brands. So, our batteries could keep up with high voltage / great performance over usage ( X100+). Yes, It is not TYPO.

There are many other advantages on the technical side, but we are unable to discuss as they are company's confidential formula related topics.  In short, users from all over the world would find our batteries being more consistent and stable.  - No fuzzy description is necessary. 


Details of the IP Part No.

As you shop our products, you notice a symbol indicating with a part number.  

CC:  Stick style batteries in general, though it is now used in 1S/4S as well.
BG: So-called Shorty style
LP: Low-profile Shorty style
TP: Saddle battery type
LCG: Lower Centre Gravity.  There are LCG for 2S-Stick (T22.5mm) & 4S-Stick (T38.2mm). [Standard 2S-Stick is of T25.1mm // 4S-Stick T48.2mm]


BG vs. CC

As mentioned, CC refers to Stick style (L139mm), which are widely used in 1/10-scale cars. BG refers to Shorty style, which is first being used in the Offroad Buggy vehicles. many 1/10-car would use Shorty packs because of size flexibility. As technology improves, it is very obvious that the demand on the Shorty battery keeps growing.


Intellect Pioneering Battery technology